Your Detox Questions Answered

Naturopaths have a core belief that toxins are the basis of all disease. Early naturopaths recognized the importance of healing diets, and special nutrients and herbs to aid the body in cleansing and healing. Additionally we now know the importance of digestive health or digestive ecology, more commonly now referred to as the microbiome.

More common benefits might include: decreased inflammation, weight loss, improved metabolism, reduced allergies, clearer skin, less bloating, constipation, fewer headaches, clearer breathing, improved memory and mood, improvement in immunity, menopausal symptoms, and more.

Many of my clients choose the Nutritional Cleanse program to detox from sugar, alcohol, processed foods, balance hormones, identify food sensitivities as it is similar to an elimination diet. Over the past 8 years I have had hundreds of clients succeed in achieving their personal goals.

Questions Answered

Do I eat during a cleanse? Yes you eat nutritionally dense food, reviewed in my 2017 Nutritional Cleanse Guide. However if your goal is weight loss 1 meal can be substituted with a meal replacement smoothie.

How long is the program? My foundational program is 30 days. Follow up programs can begin at 7 days and continue up to 30 days depending on your personal health challenges.

What if I have work or social commitments during that time? 

 I suggest modifications which can work during these times, as we all have these types of previous commitments. This program is adaptable once you learn the basic cleanse principles.

What about my regular vitamins?

Programs are tailored to meet your goals some supplements are included in the program, and you can certainly choose a food based cleanse. There are specific nutrients needed to aid your body in turning toxins from fat soluble to water soluble before they can be eliminated. All this will be discussed at the initial consultation.

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