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“Dr. Lynn Feinman has a broad base of knowledge and I believe she has a great deal to contribute to the practice of medicine and is a wonderful naturopathic healthcare provider.”    Dr. Marc Cotler MD, Allergy and Immunology

Named Top Naturopath 2019 Holistic Healer Award Main Line Today Magazine


“Dr. Lynn Feinman has made such a profound difference in my life over the past 15 years, navigating me through some difficult health challenges including bipolar disorder, Epstein Barr, and menopause. Lynn is that rare practitioner who studies your unique history and “reads between the lines” that have been missed by your physician. Over the years, she has connected many dots and come up with brilliant solutions to optimize my health. I feel balanced, energized, and have been able to significantly reduce my medications. I would highly recommend her to anyone. She is truly gifted.”
Linda Povey

“When I met Lynn, my gut and body felt depleted. I was suffering from candida and needed a plan to heal my gut. Lynn, through modifying my diet and suggesting supplements/vitamins, was able to miraculously change the discomfort I was in and encouraged me to think about what I eat and its impact day to day. I am truly grateful.”
Margie Rosenberg


“I came to Dr. Lynn to help improve my sleep and weight. I have had a weight problem for many years. I would speak to my doctor yearly yet never received any help from him. Lynn truly listened and recommended several supplements to help and within 5 weeks I began to lose weight. I am now down 10 1/2 pounds and feel great. Things have gone better than expected, we were able to improve my sleep with less medications. This could never have happened without Lynn. Many thanks, Lynn!!”
Gerri Weber


“I was feeling the effects of an overwhelming life underpinned with family illnesses, work stress, age related changes to my body, and an overall feeling that everything was out of balance. Dr. Lynn Feinman addressed all of me through customized coaching, support and interventions to help me to start taking care of me again and to resolve all the things that were causing me to feel out of sync. I lost weight, I feel more energy, I eat much healthier and I steal time to take care of me thanks to Lynn’s help. I am so incredibly grateful.”
Cindy Rota


“I have been consulting with Dr. Lynn Feinman or over five years, primarily for allergy relief. Suffering from almost year-round skin irritation including redness, itching, and swelling around the eyes and mouth; I felt extremely frustrated and uncomfortable. Lynn helped me develop a program which includes homeopathic remedies and supplements. My symptoms eased, and I am grateful for her attention and follow-up. As a health-conscience, pro-active person who avoids prescription medications and traditional treatments; I am most grateful to Lynn for time spent listening and making recommendations. Lynn’s concept for developing an individualized master plan is completely relevant as we all are unique. From dietary revisions, to homeopathic remedies for sensitive people to supplements for deficiencies and building a resilient immunity; Lynn provides wise, researched council. She follows up and I value her thoughtfulness as she is constantly seeking new ideas and therapies. I rely on Lynn for advice with my whole family and their unique health concerns, with the goal of being proactive.”
Linda Heller

“Having been born with Crohn’s disease, it’s always been difficult for me to lead a healthy lifestyle while feeling good and maintaining weight. Lynn is the first person that has helped me achieve my goal. I have almost gotten to the point of a pain free existence. She has mapped out a regimen where I avoid foods that cause me discomfort after reviewing extensive blood work.”


“Dr. Lynn Feinman was a fantastic help to me as I found myself fighting Lyme disease that had settled in my GI tract, as well as adrenal fatigue. She bridged the gaps I found in conventional medicine. She is extremely caring in her approach and she is always knowledgeable and professional. She introduced me to many new nutrients, including vitamins, herbs, and foods. She provided me with many recipes as well as items to have in my pantry. Being a conservative dentist entering the world of alternative medicine was totally foreign to me and she helped me to navigate the path to a much healthier place. She has helped me successfully recover and provide a much healthier lifestyle for me and my family.”



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