Foundational Naturopathic Program

This introductory and foundational program begins the process of identifying and addressing core issues. Session includes a foundational plan, 3 coaching sessions, my, Live Whole Fresh, foundational cookbook and other support guides within a naturopathic counseling context.

The Nutritional Cleanse

Health improvement concentrated into 30 days! This program contains everything you need to know for a safe, energizing nutrient-packed clean-eating program. The Nutritional Cleanse Manual and 3 coaching sessions are included. A customized plan tailored to your needs will be developed and implemented.

Transformational Program

An intensive weekly program designed for change. A tool kit packed with personal strategies for change will be provided, as well as your personal naturopathic profile, health counseling, and development of a personal mind-body practice to meet goals. This program consists of 10 coaching sessions, a review and integration of food sensitivity, hormonal, micronutrient or other testing, and materials from both programs above.

The Health Blue Print

This 2-session plan is to update your current plan. As the body changes it is necessary to make changes to the naturopathic support plan.

Health Preservation Plan

This new program is geared toward a monthly meeting for one year and serves as a great way to sustain your success. It includes everything from each previously listed program, plus an assessment of allergy/ nutrient/hormone testing into your personal naturopathic plan.

Personal Mind/ Body Restorative Yoga

10 75-minute weekly sessions to achieve mind and body well-being. A personal plan will be developed for your needs with focus to carry into your week. Yoga, breath work, movement and meditation techniques, are all a part of this program.

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