Understanding Digestion

Naturopaths believe that the most important system in the body is the digestive system, and that good health begins with strong digestion.The digestive process begins in the mouth where enzymes help to break down the food. Additionally the right balance of stomach acid provides the right environment to continue break down food. Some people to not have enough stomach acid. Others have too much which can be the cause of eating too much acidic foods such as coffee, alcohol, chocolate tomatoes, cheese, tomatoes and orange juice. As we age enzymes throughout the digestive system also decline. Hormones also affect digestion, and if under stress hormones are released which slow digestion. We know know serotonin levels can also affect digestion. Some people have low levels. The good news is that we also know there are many ways to impact healthy digestion. And that both changes to diet and natural support can be helpful along with mind body techniques such as belly breathing, twisting and bending gentle yoga and deep relaxation. It is a founding principle in my practice that restoring health involves a practice of mind and body. What we eat, our thoughts, how we breath and move.

Aloe Vera
Aloe has been used for centuries and is currently used all over the world as a wound and burn healer as well as an antiseptic, as well as for acne. It has a ph of 4.3 making it great for skin and hair. It acts as a natural sunscreen. It is also used as a natural aid to digestion. One needs to used the fresh juice for internal use, and is not recommended for serious skin conditions such as staph or when pregnant or nursing (Rosemary Gladstar). It is used homeopathically for bloating and abdominal pain (William Boericke).

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