Thyroid Health

The little butterfly shaped gland which sits at the front base of our necks can cause as much havoc as a nest of caterpillars on an oak tree. It is the regulator of the endocrine system, regulating temperature, fertility, reproductive cycles, metabolism, energy, and healthy hair and skin. As well this gland when not functioning optimally or for those that have Hashimoto’s or Grave’s auto-immune thyroid disease it can kick off a range of inflammatory conditions in the body, and increase the liklihood of other auto-immune diseases. Personally faced with Hashimoto’s and chronic fatigue syndrome, this disease inspired me to research as much as possible about holistic support and healing. And here I am 12 years later, about to enter my first charity 60 mile bike race, living proof that one can not only live well with this disease but can impact the course this disease can take or not take in our unique consitutional make up. You can feel fabulous again.

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