The Sweetener Wars

For many years I have received questions about which sweeteners are safe and best to use. First, it is essential to practice moderation with both sugar and sugar substitutes. I generally suggest limiting sugars in food to below 10 grams per serving, with 8 grams being optimal. For example, a grande vanilla late has 35 grams of sugar and a skinny late has between 17 and 22 grams. A vanilla yogurt can contain up to 24 grams of sugar. Regarding artificial sweeteners, you should know that the newer sweeteners such as equal(aspartame) have been cited to be toxins which act as stimulants to the brain or “excito-toxins” according to brain surgeon, Russell Baylock, MD. Most sugarless gums today are aspartame based. Splenda, another popular choice of sweetener, has been found to contain chlorine. The most recent “natural” sweetener to be FDA approved is stevia. Recent readings suggest these too can confuse our adrenal system to thinking we are receiving sugar, when we are not, and can over stimulate our adrenals which can be in issue for those with fatigue or compromised immune systems. My short answer is that raw sugar or honey are acceptable in serving sizes of a teaspoon!

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