The Naturopathic Model of Healing

True naturopathy provides us with a foundation to nourish our systems back to health. We begin with food, however when faced with an immune, hormone, or other health challenge we can not expect to heal by food alone. Often we need additional nutrients such as antioxidants, natural anti-inflammatories, herbs or homeopathy to help strengthen our system.  Together nutrition, and natural support along with mind body practices can help bring our health back into balance by minimizing effects of imbalance. This is the central belief of naturopathy.

     Naturopaths use therapeutic diets such as a my Nutritional Cleansing program to reboot health.Naturopaths have also been using principles of detoxification, or nutritional cleansing for hundreds of years to clean the organs of toxins.

Additionally, weather you are addressing a digestive issue, repair immunity or seeking emotional balance most naturopathic programs begin with food.    And continues with a specific approach to healing. The naturopathic model addresses disease with it’s 4R

approach which includes:

1. Remove (the offenders)

2. Repair (the damage)

3. Replace (missing nutrients)

4. Replenish (the microbiome)

This model of healing not only helps us heal but prevents future inflammation and disease and ensures a health plan for life.

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