Spring Allergies

There are many nutrients which can help the body reduce inflammation at allergy season. Some of my favorite nutrients and herbs include; bioflavanoids, bromelain, quercitin, nettles, eyebright, and vitamin C. My favorite products include Hista-eeze, and hay-fever sinus complex. I have already started my daughter on her preventive allergy plan which includes nettles, and quercitin. These are especially soothing to the sinuses and eyes. Herbalist, David Winston believes strongly that a healthy diet, including the removal of dairy, is key to improving allergies. Natural Standard, integrative database rates many of these nutrients according to studies, and gives them high ratings of evidence for improving allergies and sinus conditions. My belief is these naturopathic methods can be used preemptively in order to avoid infections during allergy season. Finding a supportive allergist to integrate approaches is essential. With allergies and asthma the key is prevention and building a healthy immune system. 


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