Optimizing Women’s Health – Naturally

This seminar explores women’s health issues throughout the life cycle. Specifically, we will consider the role of diet and nutrition in managing hormonal balances and optimizing health. For example, what foods and nutrients do women need, especially at mid-life and for greater longevity? What are the top 10 herbs for hormonal balance at midlife? You will participate in learning from Dr. Feinman’s deep wellspring of knowledge about women undergoing life cycle changes, through the holistic perspective of stress, emotions, nutrition, and their integrated role in women’s health.

The Optimal Nutrition Course/Optimal Aging

This seminar will introduce you to the core principles of naturopathic health; optimal diet, nutrients from food vitamins and herbs, and naturopathic theory of keeping the blood and organs healthy; acid/ alkaline balance, blood type theory, naturopathic detoxification. All of these principles offer tools for preventing disease and maintaining optimal health. The 2017 Healthy Living Cookbook and The Nutritional Cleanse Guide will be available for purchase to complement this program.

Emotional Balance-Naturally

There has been a 400% increase in the use of anti-depressants. 34% of americans take medications to improve their mood. This seminar explores natural approaches to improving mood, looking at efficacy. Through a holistic perspective the use of nutrition, exercise, herbs, sleep, mind-body practices will be explored and demonstrated. Receive the top 10 principles for naturally approaching emotional imbalances. Transformational tools will be explored for personal empowerment to take the next step.

Principles for Healthy Sleep

More than 22% of the population has sleep disorders. This now includes children and teenagers. This seminar helps you understand the natural sleep cycles and sleep hygiene and habits to promote sleep. Additionally you will learn about a more natural and holistic approach to sleep. You will learn about safe practices for mind and body which includes everything from foods, herbs, vitamins, light therapy and meditation. Experiential opportunity for using imagery and visualization will be included in the discussion.

Building Natural Immunity

Both traditional medicine and natural practitioners are in agreement that we are increasingly at risk for many viral illnesses. How these approaches differ is in the techniques for prevention and treatment of symptoms. This course will address how to understand the fundamental principles that weaken our immunity, as well as learning effective tools and techniques of diet and lifestyle management to strengthen immunity. In addition, a detailed discussion of supplements to protect and enhance immunity will be explored.(Spin off class-Natural Approaches to Allergies).

NEW Healing your Digestion with Naturopathy     

Healthy digestion is a fundamental foundation for good health. When the process of digestion is flawed, it often affects not just your gut, but also your immune, hormonal and nervous systems. Even if you eat a healthy diet, you may have impaired nutrient absorption and energy production that can lead to the development of inflammation and allergies.   Utilize the Naturopathic 4 R model gut cleanse program, to resolve your digestion issues as a first step in a lifetime of good health and the prevention of other more serious health concern.

NEW Naturopathic  Approaches to Allergies      

The naturopathic approach to treating allergies is often centered on supporting immune and digestive functions. Learn how naturopathy and immune building techniques can reduce allergies, viruses, and auto-immune conditions. Naturopathy, nutrition, homeopathy and herbalism will all be discussed.  

Introductory Naturopathy Course

This singular seminar answers the essential questions of Naturopathy and how it can if benefit me? This informative class given by Dr. Feinman explains how Naturopathy is different from traditional medicine and from other alternative therapies. You will learn the basic principles involved and how it can be an essential tool in transforming health challenges. The overview includes a discussion of the ideal diet, the necessity of acid/alkaline balance, as well as the stress/health connection. This informative class can begin a journey of personal empowerment in developing your own personal wellness program.

Introduction to Nutritional Cleansing

This seminar is an introduction to the nutritional detoxification process and how it can be beneficial to your overall health and wellbeing. A variety of Nutritional detoxification approaches will be addressed as well as the option to participate in a four-week cleansing program for health optimization. Goal setting, guidelines, optimal food choices, menu planning, shopping lists and more will be shared in a comprehensive strategy to decrease toxicity and optimize energy. The Nutritional Cleanse Guide, by Lynn Feinman, a 30 page tool-kit for healthy cleansing complements this program

Healthy Cooking

These classes focus on many of the principles of naturopathic health and the recipes developed by Lynn Feinman. You will learn about the many ingredients you need to create health and balance through food, as well as techniques easily repeatable in your own kitchen. You will learn how to cook for family health, hormonal balance, allergies and immunity, healthy digestion, and mindful eating. Classes are customized to your group.

Restorative Yoga Clinic

The Restorative clinic offers a gentle and deep practice to balance the meridians in the body and renew energy. The Yin meridians will be discussed as it pertains to the practice. We will also be exploring breathing techniques (Pranayama) this month. Gentle adaptable poses are held for 3-5 minutes. Variations are offered for all levels, from the beginner to the advanced student. Hands on thai assists included.

Therapeutic Yoga Workshops

Yoga classes focused on strengthening areas of the body such as hips, or back. Additional classes focus on soothing the nervous system through restorative practices which can be helpful for those struggling with sleep, and emotional balance. Additional classes taught include meditative flow and Pranayama. Hands on Thai assists included.

Recent Seminar Presentations Include:

Atheryn Community, Haverford

BioClinica, Audobon

Balanced for Life Yoga Essential Wellness Center,

Kimberton Whole Foods

Riddle Village, Media

Main Line Pilates, Paoli

Main Line School Night

Private Forum Groups

Lyme Disease Association of Montgomery County

Merion Cricket Club

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