Nutritional Cleanse


“Begin the Detox Journey”

This nutritional cleanse program offers a foundation of key learning principles to begin optimizing health. You will learn what causes toxicity, and how to offer your body the most optimal nutritional support, including “The Detox Guide,” a comprehensive manual filled with information about how to choose clean foods, how to cook, recipes, avoiding toxins and a wealth of how-to’s and tips.  Choose from a  10-day Kick-start program or a 28-day health intensive program!

“Working with Lynn has provided me with the tools necessary to take charge of my health and well-being. Her integrative approach has helped me take a mind, body and spirit approach to optimizing my health and my life. We have successfully addressed many immunity issues and I know I have made great progress with my health this year especially though cleaning up my diet. I am more empowered, aware and balanced as an individual. Above and beyond her expertise, Lynn is a truly caring individual who has made this path towards healthy living a joy.”  XS

Dr. Lynn has an amazing capacity to reflect who you are where you are… And then where you’re standing in the way of the natural flow of your own health. De-tox began less with food and more with clearing out unhealthy interpersonal relationships that affected poor eating and nearly-no exercise habits. In many ways, I felt like I was working with a strategic therapist who dug, with me, for the core issues and obstacles not just to a healthy body, but to a healthy life (mind body and soul). JM

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