Medical herbs with aromatherapy essential oil and tincture in glass bottle.

The fundamental theory of Naturopathy is that providing the body with the right naturopathic support, utilizing principles of  diet, nutrition, cleansing and digestive repair. Naturopathy is a wellness approach based on the fundamental belief that disease represents an imbalance in the mind and body, one that can be restored to resume our natural state of health.  Naturopathy involves the individualized assessment of health issues and the identification of any weaknesses, utilizing natural therapies to facilitate this natural state of health.  Naturopathic modalities include nutrition, supplementation, hormonal support, herbs, homeopathy, yoga therapy and meditation, as well as imagery and visualization. Lynn develops customized naturopathic plans for each client. The initial consultation is 90 minutes and 195.00.  Health recovery naturopathic coaching programs begin at 700.00.

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