Mindful Weight Loss

Many clients come wanting to address weight issues. Learning what is an optimal diet for each clients unique needs is essential; life stage as well as current health challenges. Many factors can interfere with a healthy metabolism; impaired digestion, hormonal imbalances, chronic fatigue, sleep interference and so on. Ultimately the best diet is one which can be sustained, provides for nutrient dense foods, 10 servings of fruits and vegetables, some flesh foods, and healthy fat. Most imbalances I see in my practice include too much sugar, bread, and alcohol.

Many clients achieve success in figuring out a sensible diet they can follow long term. Feeling satisfied with the right foods important. It is all about balance.  There are many options for my mindful eating program. You can choose from a 7 day cleanse to a 30 day program. Most clients benefit from doing a 30 day cleanse which gives them a base to start with, learning which foods are “clean” and which foods can be “trigger” foods. “trigger” foods may trigger food sensitivities or slow metabolism. Often identifying emotional stressors and mindless eating is essential to achieving success and breaking old patterns. Keeping a food journal is another essential component of the mindful eating program. I have seen clients reach their goal weight, as well as decrease their blood sugar and improve their cholesterol. Additional benefits include healthy skin and improved energy.


Achieving digestive health is a foundational principle of naturopathy and a key component of “The Nutritional Cleanse” programs I develop. Naturopathy believes strongly that good health begins with healthy digestion.




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