Mind-Body Practice: Sleep

 22% of all Americans have sleep disorders. Many clients come, especially during mid-life or later,  that struggle with sleep issues. Naturopathic approach addresses stress, as well as natural support. There are many herbs, and nutrients which will support sleep, especially if the person has high oxidative stress, often caused by illness, over exercise, or exposure to toxins,and hormonal imbalances.  Many studies, according to natural standard database, recognize metatonin as a safe method to restore sleep cycles, with few side effects. Other safe therapies include calming minerals, herbs, and teas and even light therapy.. Utilizing these therapies in conjunction with a mind body practice customized to each individual can offer health approaches to sleep issues. I believe learning a practice meditation and yoga  to help us sleep can offer exceptional tools as well. I have had many clients who have sleep issues and I often get them to fall asleep learning specific breathing and restorative postures during the first session.  

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