Menopause: Charting a New Road Map

Women’s needs mid-life, as well as during other life stages, or hormonal changes, represent a significant opportunity to rebalance and influence future health and longevity. It may also be a difficult and challenging time for a number of reasons. Mid-life brings about changes in relationships, family, career and often health. Also, of significance is the aging body and changing self-image. There are additional changes in sleep, mood, bones, cognition and memory and weight. As the hormones change, common hormone imbalances arise such as thyroid and adrenal health. These imbalances may amplify various previous digestive, emotional and immune conditions. Thus women can be left with a complicated picture of health. It seems common for women to end up with auto-immune disease, chronic fatigue, pain and inflammation, irritable bowel disease, weight issues, emotional imbalances etc.

Menopause is not a medical condition, but rather a natural female condition. Similar to pregnancy, our bodies know what to do. It is a natural process. However, because of all the imbalances which arise many women end up at their medical practitioner’s office. Medicine can certainly treat a fibroid or provide medical interventions for more serious issues resulting from ill-health and should never be over-looked. Clearly, medicine will not naturally strengthen women’s health

Clearly, women’s needs are completely different at mid-life. Therefor I believe women need a new map, and to chart a new path. I believe by employing a naturopathic and holistic paradigm, and identifying what is unique to each woman we can bring hormones into balance:  improve digestion, immunity, cognitive, emotional health, rebalance weight, sleep issues and other issues which seem to correlate with peri-menopause (the time around menopause which is usually 35-55).By employing a new and optimal path I believe women can age with optimal health and well-being. My Health Transformation Naturopathic Program employs a customized plan for you.



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