Mastering Weight Issues

As a society we have not overcome the the challenge of maintaining a healthy weight. In fact, this issue is getting worse. Obesity is as high as 35% in some areas of the country, with mid-life obesity rates being as high as 46%. In all, more than 20% of people are overweight. Clearly obesity is a factor that contributes to disease, and as a society, we continue to battle this bulge. 45 million people diet every year, and we spend 33 million dollars on weight loss products. Many of us are repeating this unsuccessful process of losing weight year in and year out.

I believe, as I do with any other health challenge, that the only way to beat this challenge is traveling a path of prevention. This means finding a program and way of living that we can sustain, and that can also sustain our health and well-being. This can happen beginning with some type of nutritional cleanse, eating real foods grown from the earth (especially plant foods), not trying to trick our metabolism with foolish fads, and offering our body extra nutrients. But most importantly, NOT being on some type of diet or deprivation program. Being on a program that is based on nourishment and healthy plant foods is what is going to help solve our issues with weight. In addition to things that we must change and add into our diets, there must also be things that are removed or minimized, such as alcohol, sugar, sugar substitutes, and grains. Stress is also a factor in maintaining a healthy weight. Stress contributes to our sleeping habits, and if we are not sleeping, our metabolism won’t be able to be regulated normally. A healthy mind plays a huge role in a healthy body.

A great way to reset your metabolism and get to your own healthy weight is my Nutritional Cleanse Program. Hundreds have successfully completed this program and reset the tone for healthy, sustainable living. My cleanse program comes with a nutritional cleanse guide and healthy living cookbook. Contact me today to hit the reset button and focus on health and healing.


1. Eat mindfully. Eat when your hungry, stop when your full.

2. Know the right balance to eat of fats, protein, carbohydrates (it’s in the my cookbook).

3. Eat mostly plant foods.

4. Eat super foods (nuts, seeds, ginger, garlic, herbs, spices, super greens, fiber).

5. Include some vitamins based on your current needs

6. Optimize digestion and metabolism (part of my nutritional cleanse, remove allergic inflammatory foods).

7. Offer your body days to rest digestion, fast or cleanse

8. Stay optimistic, take 1 day at a time. Know some days will be better than others.

9. Make sure you are sleeping well.

10. Exercise as much as possible. Engage is some form of mind body practices to keep the stress response at a minimum.

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