Influencing our Brain Health

This month I have chosen to focus on our brains and improving cognitive and emotional health. The brain is the “crown jewel” and most complex organ of the body. The brain is the seat of intelligence, interpreter of senses, initiator of movement, controller of behavior, language, memory, thought and our emotional center. Although there are three sections they work as a committee, yet hold their own responsible positions; the cerebrum, cerebellum, and brain stem.  Similar to healing any other part of the body, as we travel down the path of prevention so too are we traveling down a path of optimizing health and minimizing disease. As in other areas of our health we know lifestyle, sleep, food, exercise, hormones, and nutrients influence brain health. Additionally other factors such  as genetic predisposition, methylation, toxins, chemical imbalances, and illnesses can make rebalancing more challenging. I still believe we can impact the course of our health. It is our job to do so, and allow our medical care providers to assist us when we  need help.

When we consider optimizing cognitive and emotional health many factors must be considered along the course of restoration; sleep, hormones, stress, food, water, and exercise. Also important is a recent illness or virus. All of these factors contribute to imbalance. Similar to immune issues, the road back to health considers food, cleansing diets, the right nutrients to nourish health such as antioxidants, b vitamins, selective amino acids, and minerals.
I also value to energetic qualities of herbs to nourish the tissues. My favorites include withania, ginseng, hypericum, lemon balm, and passion flower. I also integrate mind-body tools to empower each client to take control of their health. My approach involves integrating naturopathy within a holistic framework and partnering with you to optimize your health and well-being.

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