How to Relieve Anxiety

Holistic Mental Health

In recent years anxiety disorders have increased 400%. 25% of our population is taking anxiety and depression medications. Natural approaches can help prevent and decrease anxiety and depression. Understanding the causes of stress and how to handle stress can be an important part of your holistic care and living a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Daniel Amen has identified several different types of brain patterns related to various types of anxiety and depression. Understand your specific pattern can be helpful to implementing a holistic plan. The seven types included pure anxiety,  pure depression, mixed anxiety and depression, over focussed anxiety and depression, cyclic anxiety and depression, temporal lobe anxiety and depression, and unfocussed anxiety and depression.

The holistic approach would integrate psychological, biological, and social interventions to aid in managing anxiety. Holistic health care would include identifying nutritional deficiencies, reducing inflammation, identifying food sensitivities, and an overall healthy food plan. A healthy food plan would include a healthier balance of proteins, water, fats, and carbohydrates. Specifically, recent studies suggest grains and refined carbohydrates affect the brain and many individuals are finding success in eating less of these foods.Understanding nutrition facts and the effects of stress as well as creating new, healthier habits can clearly help you as you seek to learn how to control anxiety. In my practice, I also teach clients how to handle stress using yoga and relaxation techniques and empower each client how to create a healthy mind and a healthy body. Learning self-healing meditation can also help calm and focus the mind. Natural remedies for anxiety and depression might include B vitamins, amino acids, fish oil, and natural calming herbs such as lemon balm, passion flower, valerian, and chamomile. My holistic health coaching program would integrate techniques to address my foundational pillars of health; optimal nourishment, mind/body practices and transforming beliefs.

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