How to Detox Your Body

How To Detox Your Body

Nutritional Detoxification is a core principle of naturopathy. Early naturopaths recognized strengthening digestion as the basis for optimal health. Additionally, clean and healthy blood is also an essential principle for optimal health. The way that both digestion can be strengthened and the blood can be cleansed is through naturopathic detoxification. Dr. Henry Lindlahr, in his book The Philosophy of Natural Therapeutics, discusses many relevant prinicples. He believes the cause of disease comes from violating natures laws which lowers vitality, creates abnormal composition of blood, and accumulation of waste. Furthermore, healing would include optimal digestion and elimination, stronger vital force and healthy blood. He further suggests that every disease arrises from internal causes and is accompanied by a deficiency of blood, tissues, and mineral elements. His third manifestation of disease is the accumulation of morbid matter within the body. Nature cure philosophy suggests bacteria will only occur under these morbid pathogenic conditions. Early naturopaths used the environment; sun, air, water, and herbs for healing. As naturopathic theories evolved the focus shifted more deeply to a diet which cleans the liver and blood. Additional naturopaths further developed theories around diet, hydrotherapy, and self care. More current knowledge suggests a plant based diet and  organic foods, as the best foods to keep the blood, organs and tissues healthy. Today it is much more challenging to engage in a lifestyle consistent with these principles. Over the last several years I have been teaching clients how to detox your body based on a nutritional cleansing program. There are many types of programs that can teach you how to detox your body based on your personal health goals. I have several programs available for clients which can range from 1 -day to 30-days. Programs are customized based on clients health status and personal health goals, such as addressing digestion, immunity, hormonal balance, emotional health, and chronic fatigue. All of my programs include personal coaching sessions, healing support guides and the nutritional cleanse manual.

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