Healthy Digestion is the Key to Optimal Health

Digestive Health Plan

Digestion is the key to Optimal Health

For Naturopaths, health begins with proper digestion. If you suffer from Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Irritable Bowel Disease, Crohn’s, GERD(reflux), SIBO, or other digestive issues you might already be compromising your health.  Digestive issues are also now linked to memory, anxiety and depression.

My Digestive Repair program involves removing food sensitivities, eating a plant based diet low in specific carbohydrates, replacing missing nutrients, repairing damage and removing pathogens. Some of my favorite digestive support nutrients include digestive enzymes, herbal bitters, probiotics, slippery elm, licorice root, and glutamine. Additionally often we are on a toxic overload, and a nutritional cleanse can help restore balance to our digestive system, blood and organs. Additionally the brain gut connection must be nourished. I feel strongly that a mind/body practice can facilitate a “happier” gut. Sign up for my introductory naturopathic program to restore your digestion today. Nutritional Testing is available for food sensitivities, nutrient deficiencies, as well as amino acids and gut microbes.

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