About The Hormones


There are many hormones in the body; adrenaline, cortisol, insulin,estrogen, melatonin, progesterone, dhea, thyroid,and testosterone are some of the more well known hormones. Hormones are a vast part of the endocrine system, and communicate, regulate and nourish with all the glands in our body. Hormonal balance regulates every major system in the body; digestion, endocrine, immune, reproductive, cognition, cardiovascular. There are many factors which can disrupt the balance of hormones; aging, diet, diseases, environmental exposure to chemicals and toxins, cosmetics,and household cleaners.

I believe our common imbalances symbolize the result of the many changes that have taken place in our diet and lifestyle. Many look to simply replace hormones which continues to only address the symptom. If we never address the imbalance in the first place we will simply continue to re-create further imbalance. Most doctors agree, the answer is not indefinite hormone replacement.

Naturopathy seeks to remove the underlying factors causing imbalance and nourish the body back to balance. We can re-nourish the body by eating more plant foods and liver foods, which is specially addressed in my nutritional cleanse program. There are vitamins, herbs and minerals which also support our glandular system and organs. Naturopathy also addresses the issues of stress and mind/body interventions to reverse the stress response in the body.

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