Does Everyone Need Vitamins?

Does everyone need vitamins or herbals as a supplement to their diet? My answer is, “How is your health?” If you wish to improve your health while facing immune, digestive, emotional, hormonal, then it is my belief that you can supplements mindfully as part of your healing path.
There are millions of supplements on the market today. There are millions of dollars spent on marketing to sell you vitamins. How do you know what you need? How do you know which company to buy?
  First, if you have health challenges or are over 40 I believe a nutrient test is a good place to begin. A local lab I refer to offers such tests, as well as hormone tests and food sensitivity testing. I personally did this a few years ago and found it very beneficial.
Second, choose vitamins carefully. Look for a few stamps or certifications on the label such as good manufacturing practices, nutritional council membership, third party testing, accreditation for in-house labatories, and certification to produce organic products. Usually,  quality supplements are sold by health-care practitioners. Also know that most vitamins are water soluble, so they are not stored in the body. But the fat soluble vitamins such as A, E, Zinc, Selenium, D are stored in the body so you can take too much. Vitamins should be a part of an overall naturopathic plan which includes nourishing food, mind/body practices, exercise, sleep, meaningful work, or community involvement, spirituality, and other factors which contribute to longevity and prevention. I believe prevention and recovery involve walking the same path.

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