Building Natural Immunity

My 10 Step Naturopathic Program

Our immune systems offers us a first line of responders ready to fight off disease. Our innate immune system is the immunity we are born with. Examples include; enzymes, cough reflex, mucus, skin and stomach acid. We acquire immunity by exposure to antigens, viruses or from immunization (although our bodies do not remember immunizations forever). Dr. Russell Jaffe has identified an additional pillar related to immunity he refers to as our “epigenetic bank account”, which refers to the fabric sewn into everyday healthful living. Specifically, the naturopathic principles of eliminating toxins, balancing acid/alkalinity, and caring for our microbiome (our gut).

Our immune systems can become compromised and break down. Examples of immune compromise include; allergies, viruses,  auto-immune disease (where the body attacks itself) degenerative disease, and cancer. There are many factors which contribute to compromised immunity; lifestyle, sleep, stress, food, hormones, anti-oxidants, the ability of the body to detox, alkalinity, inflammation, genes, environmental toxins.

Naturopathy offers many tools for preventing disease and improving your health. It is essential to integrate mind/body balance as well. It is my firm belief that our health matrix is an integration of digestion, how we nourish our bodies and the conversation or beliefs which exists within. I strongly believe we can determine our health status.

I have developed a 10 step plan for building immunity for all my current and past clients. Please email me if you would like the overview of this plan. Individualized plans are available based on your personal needs.

Along with a foundational optimal diet, extra antioxidants(vitamins A, C, E, Zinc, Selenium) occasional nutritional cleanse diet, enzymatic therapies, naturopaths specifically use a number of herbs which support the body in fighting viruses. A few of my favorites herbs include; ashwaghanda, astralagus, andrographis, elderberry, cat’s claw, hypericum, olive leaf, and oregano oil. Each herb has its own unique energy and antiviral properties. And in my practice we discuss which herbal energy might be more beneficial for each clients unique energy and health challenge.

I particularly like astralagus because of it’s immune boosting, and anti-inflammatory properties. Astralagus is one of the principle herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine. It is adaptogenic which means it helps the body adapt to stress. It specifically has anti-inflammatory properties, and is beneficial for seasonal allergies and respiratory conditions. It is nourishing. It is however not beneficial for those with chronic lyme disease. It can be beneficial for those who have weakened immune systems from chemotherapy as it can also provide protection.Where there is immune challenges there exists inflammation. It naturally contains anti-oxidants to fight the free radicals- or help put out the fires. It’s also deeply nourishing.True naturopathy believes by providing the body the right support it will strengthen and this not necessarily need the herb for long term use.

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