Avoiding Toxic Overload


Naturopaths believe when the body is free of toxins we will be less likely to get ill. This makes sense when we think about it physiologically; when our blood is clean and our liver is healthy we have the foundation to health. I believe there is a tipping point, and when we reach overload the body begins to breakdown its ability to function. I believe that many allergies and skin issue are the result of overload and over stimulation to the immune system. I believe food sensitivities impact our our brains too. Daniel Amen states, “Food has a powerful effect on cognition, feelings and behaviors”, in his book Healing Anxiety and Depression.  Many environmental and food toxins are dangerous to children and adults.  We are exposed to many environmental toxins, and there are many in our homes in the form of cleaning supplies, cosmetics, food additives, and even chemicals in our rugs, furniture and homes from building supplies.

Among the list of food additives we can be joined by the metals in our cosmetics. Metals such as aluminum, arsenic, lead, nickel, copper, chromium, mercury are now found to be carcinogenic. More specifically are found to be “estrogenic”, mimicking estrogen in the body, as well as found in breast tissue of women with breast cancer. These are commonly shampoos, shaving creams, and deodorant.   We also must begin thinking about our environment, as whatever we put on our bodies, enters our water supply and eventually our food supply.

We need to be aware of how our environment can impact our physical, emotional and psychological health.

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