A Naturopathic Approach to Weight Loss

10 Principles for Maintaining Optimal Weight
I actually believe most of my clients struggling to maintain an ideal weight are not eating enough nutrient dense food. Another big issue is being “on a diet”. Or following advice of an app by counting calories, carbs etc. A huge theme in my work with my clients is helping clients maintain an optimal weight. Although many clients achieve success with my Nutritional Cleanse program I believe the key is finding an personal optimal diet which is sustainable. I believe if you are eating a plant based diet with lots of fiber, good sources of fat and you exercise it is unnecessary to count calories and carbohydrates.
Here are my top 10 Principles for maintaining an ideal weight:
1. Eat at least 3x a day. Include a good fat at each meal.
2. Eat mostly plant foods.10 servings a day.
3. Minimize grains.
4. Minimize alcohol.
5. Eat until 3/4 full. Not stuffed.
6. Engage in periods of digestive rest. The reason they call it “breakfast” is you are fasting all night. Do not eat after sundown or before sunrise. Take days to reset by doing a “cleanse” day.
7. Indulge occasionally.
8. Eat good sources of fiber such as beans, and flax and dark greens.
9. Eat seasonal foods. Eat warm in colder months and more raw foods in warmer months.
10. Include Superfoods such as garlic, onion, green tea, dark greens, flax, nuts, seeds, turmeric in your daily diet.

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