Success Stories

I came to Lynn to help improve my sleep and weight. I have had a weight problem for many years.  I would speak to my doctor yearly yet never received any help from him. Lynn truly listened and recommended a number of supplements to help and with in 5 weeks I began to lose weight. I am now down 10 1/2 pounds and feel great. Things have gone better than expected, we were able to improve my sleep with less medications. This  could never have happened without Lynn. Many thanks, Lynn!! GW

 I was feeling the effects of an overwhelming life underpinned with family illnesses, work stress, age related changes to my body and an overall feeling that everything was out of balance. Lynn addressed all of me through customized coaching, support and interventions to help me to start taking care of me again and to resolve all the things that were causing me to feel out of sync. I lost weight, I feel more energy, I eat much more healthy and I steal time to take care of me thanks to Lynn’s help. I am so incredibly grateful .CR

“Lynn Feinman has made such a difference in my life, navigating me through some difficult challenges with Chronic Fatigue. Shestudied my history, asking exceptional questions and “reading between the lines” that had been missed by my physician. She came up with brilliant solutions. I feel balanced and energized and have been able to significantly reduce my medications. I would highly recommend her to anyone. She is extraordinary.” LP

Having been born with Crohn’s disease, it’s always been difficult for me to lead a healthy lifestyle while feeling good and maintaining weight. Lynn is the first person that has helped me achieve my goal. I have almost gotten to the point of a pain free existence. She has mapped out a regimen where I avoid foods that cause me discomfort after extensive blood work.” MJW

Lynn Feinman was a fantastic help to me as I found myself fighting Lyme disease that had settled in my 2015-08LynnFeinman-49GI tract, as well as adrenal fatigue. She bridged the gaps I found in conventional medicine. She is extremely caring in her approach and she is knowledgeable and professional at all times. She introduced me to many new nutrients; including vitamins, herbs and foods. She provided me with many recipes as well as items to have in my pantry. Being a conservative dentist entering the world of alternative medicine was totally foreign to me and she helped me to navigate the path to a much healthier place. She  has helped me successfully recover and provide a much healthier lifestyle for me and my family.” SDS, D.M.D. 

“Working with Lynn has provided me with the tools necessary to take charge of my health and well-being. Her integrative approach has helped me take a mind, body and spirit approach to optimizing my health and my life. I am more empowered, aware and balanced as an individual. Above and beyond her expertise, Lynn is a truly caring individual who has made this path towards healthy living a joy.”  XS

“I have been working with Dr. Lynn Feinman for several months and have found her to have a very caring attitude. She really listens to what I say, and has guided me to make changes that fit into my lifestyle. She encourages me to “listen to my body” making me a partner instead of a patient.” MN

“Dr. Feinman helped improve my daughter’s health when the remedies offered by traditional medicine practices were ineffective. She opened our eyes to the many physical and mental benefits of Naturopathy. Her caring and nurturing way has been a great comfort to both me and my daughter as we travel down the path to recovery.” BY

“After a few sessions my pain level went from a 10 to a 2. The changes we made to my lifestyle were easily attainable.  I learned a great deal about inflammation and nutritional efforts which help reduce inflammation.” SR

“I have had digestive problems for 20 years, and within a few months and with natural support, nutrient adjustments, my digestive problems practically disappeared.” MR

“The inflammation test (c- reactive protein) I took before seeing Dr. Feinman indicated I had inflammation in my cardiac region putting me at moderate risk for heart attack or stroke, according to my medical doctor, Dr. feinman guided me to modify my diet and now my c-reactive protein levels are within a normal range.” LS

“With Lynn’s consultation and supplement protocol  I’m now able to fall sleep faster and stay asleep longer. I wake feeling a sense of well being, rested, and am more focused (not all over the place)…and with no adverse side effects.”  GG