Natural Women’s Health

Many women arrive at transitional points in their lives feeling out of balance, both physically and emotionally.  Dr. Feinman’s integrative approach offers a variety of techniques to restore balance in a highly supportive environment. To begin, we assess overall imbalances, then address optimizing the nutrients required to achieve balance, as well as specific support to rebuild weakened systems. Referrals for additional testing will also be explored. By utilizing the three pillars of health; optimal nutrition, mind-body practice and transformational counseling, we will develop an individualized approach to reclaim balance and vitality.

“Dr. Feinman has made such a difference in my life, navigating me through some difficult challenges with Chronic Fatigue. Dr. Feinman studied my history, asking exceptional questions and “reading between the lines” that had been missed by my physician. She came up with brilliant solutions. I feel balanced and energized and have been able to significantly reduce my medications. I would highly recommend her to anyone. She is extraordinary.” LP

“I have been working with Dr. Feinman for several months and have found her to have a very caring attitude. She really listens to what I say, and has guided me to make changes that fit into my lifestyle. She encourages me to “listen to my body” making me a partner instead of a patient.” MN