Healthy Digestion

The Naturopathic perspective views healthy digestion as the fundamental foundation for good health.  Poor digestion often results in fatigue and irritability, setting the stage for serious health problems in the future, including inflammation and disease.  Dr. Feinman’s integrative approach creates a healthy foundation by identifying and removing food intolerances and replacing them with missing nutrients, as well as correcting acid/alkaline balance, replenishing good bacteria and repairing mucosal lining.  Resolving digestion issues is a first step in a lifetime of good health and the prevention of other more serious health concerns.

Having been born with Crohn’s disease, it’s always been difficult for me to lead a healthy lifestyle while feeling good and maintaining weight. Lynn is the first person that has helped me achieve my goal. I have almost gotten to the point of a pain free existence. She has mapped out a regimen where I avoid foods that cause me discomfort after extensive blood work.” MJW

“I have had digestive problems for 20 years, and within a few months and with natural support, nutrient adjustments, my digestive problems practically disappeared.” M.R